Dear Adele

Ahh Adele, my ‘just-popping-in-on-the-way-home-from-school-pickup-yes-okay-let’s-have-a-wine’ friend, can’t tell you how much I will miss you just popping in on slow afternoons, and the wine of course! You’ll be pleased to know our local shop here in China sells New Zealand wine, along with an impressive selection of wines from Australia, France, Chile and USA – so don’t worry about me, I’m going to be just fine for wine!

This afternoon I turfed my darling iPad addicted children out into the world on their own! Well, not quite the world, but the compound at least! Its huge and they can easily get lost, which I think is an excellent idea right now! I instructed them to stick together and if they get lost then keep looking until they figure out where they live! Some things I think kids have to do on their own, and learning their way around this place is not something they really need to do with their mother tagging along! They complained unconvincingly and disappeared, reappearing and disappearing several times over the course of the afternoon, first for swimming gear (although Olivia insisted she was NOT going swimming), then for ice cream money (Olivia appeared soaking wet after her swim!) they said they *think* they know how to find the shop, and they *think* they have enough Chinese RMB for an ice cream each, I have declined to offer any advice on either point and waved them off again. They’re getting on so well, having so much fun together, I really hope it lasts until they each make a few new friends of their own. They have 4 days of school next week before the very long summer break…
We have arrived in June, which as I have learned is a significant month for expats all over the world. June is leaving month, June is when contracts end, schools wrap up for the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) and en masse people migrate back to their home port or on to their next assignment. In short, theres a whole lot of leaving going on in the midst of our arriving. For us this means meeting some great people, and having them disappear the same week, and it also means that in the coming weeks there will be a wave of newbies to make me feel slightly less new, a little less green and I hope by comparison a little more wise.
Adele, I hope there’s a small part of you thinking about coming to visit, yes its huge and weird and oh so different – but I know where we can buy some gorgeous handbags babe!
Katie xx

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